Learn Spanish, French or Mandarin with Cultured Kids Class Curriculum!

Cultured Kids specializes in turning out well-rounded children. We do that by teaching vocabulary based language lessons, and cultural lessons, to encourage future language acquisition and acceptance of other cultures. Our program includes classes, storybooks, early readers, and online practice materials. Most of our classes are school based, and provided by independent teachers using our proven methods and continually developed curriculum. 

Our classes are combined with online access to vocabulary games, and activities. With the Cultured Kids foreign language program, your child can learn in class, and at home! 

If you're interested in obtaining Cultured Kids - Spanish, French, or Mandarin curriculum and bringing our fabulous classes to your school, please call us 702-526-4658.

CKTV allows kids to listen, learn, and speak, through stories and vocabulary practice.

New Fall Classes

Our after school classes resume in September. Joins us for the  "Care for Our Planet" curriculum, designed to build your child's foreign language vocabulary, and build confidence to speak. Cultured Kids makes language learning fun and interesting!