‚ÄčKaryn DePari delights in sharing her experience with world cultures by creating a foreign language program, just for kids. Cultured Kids brings a variety of experiences to kids, in addition to foreign language instruction. "When something really peaks your interest, the desire to learn more, is ignited. The key to your child learning a second language, is to keep it interesting!" DePari said.

The Cultured Kids foreign language curriculum takes kids on an endless journey, of cultural and practical activities. "We bring a bull run from Spain, ancient folklore from China, and skiing in the French Alps a little closer to your child." Cultured Kids exposes your child to the world around them, through classes, summer camps, and online activities. "We even offer Culture Clothes, so your child can play the part!"

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Some children are naturally interested in learning a new language. Our stories are designed to feed that curiosity and keep the language learning process going.